Nondestructive Testing & Research

Company Profile

RNDT, Inc. is comprised of seasoned nondestructive testing and welding professionals who can handle many NDT and technical welding related needs that your organization may have.

We employ personnel that are active members of ASNT and AWS as to always stay fresh with what is happening in our industry and yours as it relates to the quality field.

We have many satisfied customers throughout the United States and Canada because we offer affordable, effective and complete nondestructive testing and welding QA services, build long-lasting relationships, and excel where others find difficulty.

We are the only commercial testing and research laboratory in Pennsylvania that has staff ASNT NDT Level III Examiners in UT RT AE MT PT & VT. We also employ ASNT ACCP Professional Level III Examiners in the testing methods of UT RT MT PT & VT, AWS-CWI and over thirty certified Level II technicians.