Nondestructive Testing & Research

Cancellation Policy

All services offered by RNDT Inc., Nondestructive Testing Services will be performed reliably, safely, efficiently and in the best interest of our customers. We will exert our best efforts in performing the work requested; however, the results reported represent good faith opinions only based on training, experience and compliance to established codes, specifications and
industry standards and are not to be considered as warranties or guarantees of quality, classification, or usability of material inspected.

Conditions and locations that sometimes exist could prevent the completion of our normal high quality inspection and we reserve the right to call these conditions to the attention of our customer and/or move off a location at any time.

Our opinions and subsequent reports on the inspection results represent a good faith effort of conformance to, or lack of conformance to established codes, specifications and industry standards. RNDT does not warrant the safety or integrity of those items inspected. The inspection represents RNDT’s opinion of the condition as it exists at the time of inspection only. RNDT will not be held liable for failure of components inspected. Furthermore, RNDT does not accept liability for failure to include items of interest, their condition, or statement of their mechanical integrity which may be construed as part of RNDT’s contractual responsibility.

The prices stated herein are exclusive of any Federal, Stare or Local taxes, which may be imposed on the services we render. The amount of any applicable taxes will be added to our invoice. Our credit terms are net 30 days from the date of invoice.

RNDT assumes no responsibility for storage and/or safekeeping of customer materials unless requested and agreed upon in writing.
These rates are subject to change. Rates not listed in this schedule will require a special quotation. All inspection scheduling requires a 24 hour minimum notice. All callout work may be assessed a premium to accommodate scheduling.

After testing is complete and test results are submitted, all transactions are final.