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Borescope Technology Keeps Getting Better

MEDIT's new ultra-thin video borescope, MICRON

Borescope Technology Keeps Getting Better

MEDIT recently announced their new ultra-thin video borescope, MICRON. This 1.9MM borescope features a distal lens equipped with a 160.000 pixel CIS CMOS sensor and offers 90-degree field of vision and a straight direction of view. Despite the small camera, this MICRON displays a clear image that is detailed and consistent during any inspection. The focal range of the MICRON camera is 3 and 50MM, and despite of the small size, the probe head has an integrated fiberoptic light guide.

The MICRON is not a fiberscope; there is no “honeycomb” pattern like those from a fiberoptic device. This compact borescope has three parts, the insertion probe, light source and camera control. This design lets the user remove the probe as needed, whether it is to replace or change the actual probe. This device has a USB input that allows the user to connect the camera directly to a computer. Because of the small size, there is no display with the device. The user will need a screen in order to visualize an inspection.

A big accomplishment, MICRON is able to capture images in real time, still images and videos, this is because of the software that allows the camera to perform like that of a computer. So, unlike other borescopes, MICRON has to limit to capture the necessary files.

Currently, MICRON is the smallest probe in diameter. This piece is best suited for the tiniest holes, bores or narrow passages that you might face during an inspection.


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