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NDT is keeping everyday products safe!

Many products go through rigorous nondestructive testing before they make their way to our homes
Everyday Products

Everyday Products and NDT

Pipelines and industrial companies use nondestructive testing on their products. In reality, nondestructive testing tests an array of products; a very common one is our body through x-rays. But there are everyday products that go through rigorous nondestructive testing before they make their way to our homes.

Everyday Products


Many cosmetic companies put their products through testing to ensure that their products are safe for the consumers. Now a day, testing on animals is a big no-no! So companies have come up with safe alternatives to testing their products. X-ray Diffraction (XRD) is a technique to determine the atomic and molecular structures in crystal, salt, metal, and minerals. XRD can see the structural characteristics and to help determine if the product is safe. Another form of cosmetic testing is Scanning Electronic Microscopy (SEM) that analyzes the active ingredients in the makeup.


NDT detects the safety in pharmaceutical supplies and packaging. Medicine is tested to determine the molecular makeup, to make sure each pill is the correct dosage and that the casings are intact and undamaged. NDT can also detect contaminates in the pills, such as bacteria or wrong ingredients.

Kid’s Products

Children’s toys go through rigorous testing. They do this to test for choking hazard and unsafe chemicals. X-ray Florescence Technology can detect lead in or on toys. Many toys were recalled in the past for lead being present in popular toys that could cause harm to small children.

Grocery Stores

Companies that supply grocery stores place food through NDT testing to determine whether or not there is any contaminates. X-ray Technology insures the products are safe for consumption. It’s very important that food be tested; this way the products can be competitive in the market.


When someone discovers a rare piece of art in their grandparents basement, NDT is the only way to prove whether or not it is genuine. Performing NDT testing on artwork has uncovered many fakes. NDT determines different types of paint and provides a timeline to when they were painted.

NDT is keeping our homes and families safe by testing the items we buy. These are just a few examples of NDT protecting us from harmful products. It is important for you, the consumer, to keep track of recalls and follow manufacturer instructions.

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