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What are some NDT industries?

NDT can be very versatile.
NDT Industries

What are some NDT industries?

Did you know that non-destructive testing is used in many different industries? That’s right; NDT is used in an array of industries that expand well beyond pipelines. The purpose of NDT is to detect flaws, leaks, or locations of stressed areas in materials.

NDT can be very versatile in how it is used and for what. Even medical professionals use some methods to look at the human body; this method is called an x-ray.

What are other industries?

Aerospace uses NDT to detect flaws in aircrafts that have aged. When a plane flies it goes through a lot of stress that can deteriorate the structure of the plane. It is very important to have planes inspected regularly to determine the condition the plane is in and if it is still safe to fly.

Automobiles go through extensive NDT testing. NDT can detect flaws in the brakes, steering and engine components.

In Pennsylvania, our bridges are constantly going through NDT testing to determine the safety of the structures. NDT technicians inspect the footing, substructures, and deck, all with NDT methods.

Pipelines use NDT to inspect the welds used to hold the pipes together. Performing inspections on these will lower the chances of oil or gas leaks that could cause damage to the surrounding environment.

Power plants and pressure valves have periodic check to make sure the plants are running safely and efficiently.

Railroads span the whole United States and get inspected too. NDT technicians inspect the tracks for cracks that could cause derailments. The actual train cars are inspected to ensure that the cars are in perfect condition to travel.

NDT is used in the ship industry to ensure boats of all sizes are built correctly and safe for launch and water travel.

NDT is continuously growing and expanding to many industries. RNDT is committed to NDT testing to insure that your product is of best quality.

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