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Industrial Radiography Market is Growing


Industrial Radiography Market is Growing

A nondestructive method is causing a stir in the NDT industry.  Demand for industrial radiography is growing due to the ever-evolving technology.  Technology is what makes it so precise. Industrial radiography has made significant progress in expanding the technology in recent years. Making it the fastest growing and most used method of NDT.


Companies are using radiography to inspect products for surface imperfections and internal problems. There are two ways to use radiation for this method of testing: gamma radiation and X-ray. This type of testing is for inspecting pipes on oil and gas lines and also pressure valves.

Many industries, spanning from pipelines, chemical plants, aerospace, automotive, and vehicles use industrial radiography.  Radiography is growing across North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. It dominates the NDT industry with the most accurate readings of quality assurance.


Industrial radiography risks include exposure to radiation during the process. This could cause a set back for the growing industry in years to follow.  Companies can lower the risks of exposure by hiring trained professionals to conduct testing.

As technology improves so will these types of testing. Industrial radiography is helping many industries keep their products safe.  They also are keeping quality assurance its main priority.



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