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How Non-Destructive Testing is Helping Amusement Park Safety

Every year amusement parks evaluate their rides to ensure park safety. They use NDT to determine how safe and stable a ride is.
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Non-Destructive Testing and Amusement Park Safety

Non-Destructive Testing Plays a Key Roll in Amusement Park Safety.

Amusement park safety isn’t something that crosses your mind until you are strapped into a rollercoaster about to blast off. Then your mind starts to panic, “Is my seatbelt on tight enough?” “Why is this bar loose?” and “Why did I decide to do this?”  But once you are off and the wind is blowing through your hair and you return safely back to the platform, your mind eases, and your ready to ride it again.

Because of NDT, you don’t have to worry about the safety of the ride.  Pennsylvania’s Department of Agriculture requires all amusement operations to go through many requirements to ensure that you are safe and carefree during a visit to an amusement park.

Not only does Pennsylvania require testing to be done on amusement rides, but ride manufactures mandate the use of NDT to ensure the continued safety of their rides. These tests are usually performed before the start of the amusement season. The test are conducted during nonoperational months. That way if anything needs to be fixed, they can do so without delaying operation at the park.

But why is NDT important in amusement parks?

The biggest benefit to testing amusement rides with nondestructive methods is that technicians can inspect the structure of the ride without compromising it. They are able to perform different test methods to insure the stability of the structure. The two most common methods used are Ultrasonic testing and X-rays to ensure that nothing is occurring inside steel beams. Technicians also perform surface testing to find any imperfections that may have happened through wear and tear over the years.

Amusement parks are meant to be fun and carefree. State, Manufacturers, and even Amusement Park Companies want to be sure that they have a safe environment for all their guests. Without NDT, these rides would not be around.

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